Refashioned Homes

Our Refashioned Homes® are pre-owned homes that have undergone a complete renovation. Not all renovated homes for sale meet our high standards to be a Refashioned Home®. The exterior is updated and refreshed with timeless architectural improvements that will outlive the current design fads. The interior is remodeled and renovated to improve the usability and flow within the home. Energy-efficient upgrades are built into each house to improve its sustainability. The result is a unique and distinctive home with many special features and enduring qualities, designed to save money.

Distinctive Design

The distinctive design that is part of every Refashioned Home® begins with the pursuit of exceptional architectural design. Our architectural and interior designs are sensitive to the needs of home buyers and contextually compatible with the surrounding environment. The ultimate quality of a luxury home is very dependent on the components that are built into it. We use quality products from the nation’s top brand names that you know and trust.

EcoWise Home Features

A Pacific Legacy Homes Refashioned Home® is renovated with the same energy-efficient and water-saving features as a new home. The energy saving features include many of the systems that are required to be a ENERGY STAR® Certified new home. The water saving features include the systems that are required to meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense Program. Our Refashioned Homes® are designed to help save money, energy, and our natural resources.

Featured Refashioned Homes